We believe technology should be so magical that it becomes invisible - therefore, software should be simple, fast, and responsive. But while computers are incredibly fast these days, modern software is slow and holds them back. We want to go back to the time when software unlocked the full potential of the hardware it was running on. This is why our apps are efficient and optimized to run even on old hardware.

We also want all our apps to be able to run on multiple platforms. Currently, Plume is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. We also believe that you should own your data (that's why all notes in Plume are simple plain text strings that are stored on your device). You can expect to see from us more apps that are based on these principles.

Who makes Plume?
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Ruby Mamistvalove

@mamistvalove Founder Lead Developer

Hello, I'm Ruby. I created my previous note-taking app 10 years ago. 1.5 Million downloads later, I decided it is time to take it to the next level. Plume is more than an evolution of its predecessor, it redefines what a note-taking app is, and it's the start of a new movement about how software should be made in this modern age.