Write Beautifully. Effortlessly.

Plume is a fast and elegant place for all your thoughts. Write without fiddling. Store without worrying. Think without distraction.

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One picture. A thousand words.

Enhance your thoughts with beautiful images that are effortless to add.

Make a complex plan. Simply.

Create a beautiful Kanban board to organize your tasks.

Fastest In Its Category

Plume sets a new standard in terms of
performance for block editors.

But you don't need to take our word for it.
Here are some benchmarks.

Time to Load a Large Text

App Loading time
Plume's iconPlume 👑
Bike's icon Bike
AppFlowy's icon AppFlowy
Apple Notes' icon Apple Notes
MarkText's icon MarkText
Anytype's icon Anytype
Bear's icon Bear
Craft's icon Craft
Notion's icon Notion

*All evaluations were conducted on a 2017 MacBook Air equipped with a 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 processor, using the text of "War and Peace".

Blog post example

Write a blog post.

Use a beautiful Drop Cap to make your text stand out.

Plan your day.

Use todo items to break down your tasks for today.

Plan your day example
Brainstorm ideas example

Brainstorm ideas.

Get clarity with a hierarchical
outline of your ideas.

Screenplay ready.

Plume comes with three beautiful
monospace fonts by iA Writer.

A great fit for screenplays.

Screenplay example
Japanese text example

Beautiful for many.

Plume looks beautiful in the
many languages it supports.

Note: Currently RTL languages (aka: Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, etc) aren't supported but actively worked on.

There's more...

Supports Markdown

Plume supports Markdown rendering in real time.

Local first

Plume prioritizes local storage, ensuring your notes and ideas are saved directly on your device first.

Windows icon Linux icon Apple icon


Plume is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. Soon on mobile devices as well.

Fast search

Find what you're looking for - fast.

Keyboard shortcuts

Plume supports many keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to use with just a keyboard.


Different themes for different moods.


Frequently asked questions

How my notes are stored?

All notes in Plume are simple plaintext strings under the hood. Right now, all these plaintext strings are stored in a SQLite database locally on your computer. But we have plans to remove the reliance on a custom database and to store all notes as simple .txt files inside a folder.

Upcoming Features